ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite November 25 preview

Posted on 11/25/120 by Bob Magee

Betrayal, assault, and championship positioning; that is
just some of what fans watched unfold last week on DYNAMITE.
The contract signing between Moxley and Omega did not go
down as planned, Will Hobbs aligning with Team Taz was
certainly not part of the Cody/Darby plan, and neither was
TH2 assaulting Top Flight after their breakout match with
The Young Bucks.

In addition to the above, we watched The Inner Circle's
adventures in Las Vegas play out before our eyes, witnessed
PAC make his highly anticipated return to the ring after
eight months, Miro clothesline Orange Cassidy's head off,
Jade Cargill put a hurting on Brandi Rhodes backstage, plus
Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb compete in one exciting fight
over the NWA World Women's Title.

This week, it will be the AEW Women's World Title showcased
as The Dark Order's Anna Jay gets her first championship
opportunity, the reunited Death Triangle in action, Will
Hobbs in his first match wearing the colors of Team Taz, SCU
and Inner Circle fighting for tag team rankings, and plenty
more on tap!

It's going down at 8pm EST/7pm CST on TNT, or on
for our International Audience, and kicks off on our
official YouTube channel (Click Here) with the Pre-Game
Show! And be sure to watch an action packed edition of AEW
DARK on Tuesday night at 7pm, loaded up with debuts, The
Waiting Room with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D, Sammy vs. Marko,
Matt Sydal vs. Five, TH2 competing, and loads of additional
Hikaru Shida (c) vs. (#5) The Dark Order's Queen Slayer
Anna Jay
April Fool's Day, what a day to make your AEW debut, and on
an international platform like DYNAMITE nonetheless. That is
how Anna Jay made her first impression on the AEW faithful,
debuting under the moniker of The Star Of The Show, and
having to compete against the future AEW Women's World
Champion Hikaru Shida.

Jay put up a fight but succumbed to Shida in just under five
minutes, not a bad showing for a women in the first year of
her career, but certainly not the kind of memory Anna wanted
to leave fans with coming out of her first AEW bout. It
would take a bit for Jay to get her feet under her, she'd
drop her next two matches to Penelope Ford and Abadon
respectively, and that came largely due to the influence of
Mr. Brodie Lee and The Dark Order. After Jay was defeated by
Abadon on June 17th, Lee and his ilk would extend the offer
to The Star of The Show to swell their ranks, leading her
to walk off with The Dark Order.

But it was not until the July 29th DYNAMITE that Jay would
reemerge onto television, fully immersed as a member of The
Dark Order, and even christened 99 to go along with the
system of Mr. Brodie renaming his followers. Jay would taste
her first successes within AEW as part of the Women's Tag
Team Cup Tournament where, alongside best friend Tay Conti,
she would defeat former Women's Champion Nyla Rose and
Ariane Andrew in the Quarter-Finals before falling to
eventual winners, Diamante and Ivelisse.

Back in the singles ranks following the tournament, the
focus of Jay's career would zoom in on Brandi Rhodes in the
aftermath of Mr. Brodie Lee dethroning Cody as TNT Champion
on August 22nd. Anna would choke the CBO of AEW out, leaving
her body laying alongside all the other members of The
Nightmare Family, and that Star Of The Show moniker would
be replaced with The Queen Slayer.

Jay would rattle off a pair of victories over Red Velvet and
Skyler Moore, her first ones in singles ranks, before going
head-to-head with Brandi on the September 22nd edition of
LATE NIGHT DYNAMITE. With a little distraction from her Dark
Order cohorts, Jay topped Rhodes on that night, but it has
not been the end of the rivalry. Jay actually assaulted
Brandi at the conclusion of John Silver's episode of the
SHOT OF BRANDI YouTube Show. Anna would then added a fourth
consecutive win to her resume on October 27th when she beat
Katalina Perez on the October 27th AEW DARK episode.
Hikaru Shida, heading into this fight, is a few weeks
removed from a very physical fight with Nyla Rose where the
AEW Women's World Title was at stake. Shida successfully
defended the championship for the fourth time that night at
FULL GEAR 2020, and has been eagerly awaiting AEW officials
to name her next challenger since that night.

While that tweet embedded directly above encapsulates the
defending champions' initial thoughts on her challenger,
this week on DYNAMITE, Shida will get to find out firsthand
what Anna Jay has learned since their first meeting almost
eight months ago. The Queen Slayer has gained ring time,
has added training alongside Tay Conti to her routine, and
the power of the group as a while must never be forgotten
when stepping into the ring with any Dark Order member.

Anna Jay has won four straight while Shida, with ten
straight wins, has not taken a fall since a tag team loss in
June to Nyla and Penelope Ford. The momentum, the
experience, the resume, it all tilts the favor of this title
fight into the camp of the challenger, but Anna Jay has a
handful of game changing factors on her side, factors with
names like Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John

The Death Triangle (Pac & Rey Fenix w/ Penta El Zero Miedo)
vs. The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny & Eddie Kingston)
It was a tremendous return for The Bastard PAC last week
on DYNAMITE, picking up a hard-fought win over The Blade in
singles competition, but it was dampened in rapid fashion by
The Butcher, Eddie Kingston, and Blade once he recovered
from the Black Arrow and Brutalizer submission.

The timely intervention of Rey Fenix slowed down the attack,
but the addition of the one man to the fight was not enough
to stem the tide and Fenix succumbed to the assault
perpetrated by his former family. It was only the arrival
of his brother, Penta El Zero Miedo, showing up with a chair
in hand that brought in an end to the attack. At first, the
beating stopped because because Kingston, Butcher, and Blade
where unsure which way this Lucha Brother would turn, but
once the weapon was brandished in the direction of The Mad
King, the trio headed for the hills.

The Death Triangle officially reunited for the first time
since March 18th, and in the aftermath, this tag team battle
was signed pitting two-third's of Kingston's family against
two-thirds of that violent triumvirate. Which trio will
assert their dominance on Wednesday night? Tune into TNT
starting at 8pm EST to find out!

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Jake Hager) vs. SCU
(Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)
Many moons ago, in the aftermath of his Mimosa Mayhem
defeat, Chris Jericho declared his intention to pursue the
AEW World Tag Team Titles alongside his personal painmaker
Jake Hager. The pair rattled off a series of victories in
the division over Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela, Private Party,
and The Chaos Effect, but then the Maxwell Jacob Friedman
situation reared its head and The DemoGod found himself a
bit distracted from that declared goal.

When the loss to MJF at FULL GEAR 2020 made that man's path
to Inner Circle entry clear, it cleared the plate of Jericho
up to once more look to the future, albeit after an MJF
funded excursion to Las Vegas for the entirety of the group
(Watch Here). This week on DYNAMITE, Jericho and Hager
resume their quest to conquer the tag team world and build
on their four win, undefeated record in the division.

That mission resumes with stiff competition as the SCU duo
of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian stand in their
way. Heading into this one with four wins and three losses
on their record, CD and Kaz were victorious in their last
tag team battle on the October 27th AEW DARK opposite TH2 of
Jack Evans and Angelico. Daniels and Kazarian, while not yet
champions under the auspices of AEW, are very familiar with
tag team success all around the wrestling world, and were
supposed to be the SCU representatives in the original World
Tag Team Title tournament. Injuries changed that plan, and
Kaz would make history with Scorpio Sky instead, but bouts
such as this one set for Wednesday night are the kind where
Daniels and Frankie establish their team as a force within
the AEW ranks just as they have elsewhere over the course of
the last decade.

With neither pair ranked as of this writing, a victory on
DYNAMITE will certainly amplify the presence of either duo
in AEW's loaded tag team roster. Which pair will rise to the
occasion with everyone in the division having their sights
set on being the ones to dethrone The Young Bucks?

TH2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) vs. Top Flight (Darius & Daunte
In the last several weeks, Angelico and Jack Evans have made
it abundantly clear they feel overlooked in the tag team
ranks of All Elite Wrestling, and AEW's newest signees Top
Flight became a target of their animus this past week on
DYNAMITE. The attack perpetrated in the video above took
place right after the Martin brothers proved they have the
right stuff in a fight with The Young Bucks. A true example
of making the most of an opportunity, Darius and Daunte
elevated their wrestling game in front of the entire world
and earned contracts with AEW.

But there are always those jealous of success, those who
don't want anyone but themselves to succeed, and that
appears to be the case with The Hybrid2.
Although their anger, and their message, was supposedly
aimed at the World Tag Team Champions, it was Top Flight who
received the beating, not Matt and Nick Jackson, and thus it
is Darius and Daunte who will step into the ring this week
on DYNAMITE to get a measure of vengeance against the
Angelico and Evans.

Both teams have the world to gain here; it's another
opportunity for the Martin brothers to step up their game
and start stacking up wins to get into the rankings for a
future title opportunity. It is a chance for Jack and
Angelico to prove they deserve to be in any championship
conversation against The Young Bucks. Their track record in
tag team competition has been inconsistent, sitting at a 5-9
record after defeating Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr
on this week's edition of AEW DARK, and giving them two
consecutive tag team victories. TH2 needs this win to
continue to push the issue of deserving a fight with The
Young Bucks with those belts on the line...

Hangman Adam Page vs. John Silver
The above clip from BTE comes from the FULL GEAR FALLOUT
episode after both John Silver and Hangman Page lost their
respective matches on that pay-per-view extravaganza. For
Silver it was a defeat at the hands of Orange Cassidy, a
devastating loss for The Dark Order member, and one that
clearly stung, but in the big picture, did not cost him
nearly as much as Page's defeat cost him.

Page, as a finalist in the World Title Eliminator
Tournament, was one win away from challenging for the AEW
World Title, one win away from being able to redeem that
loss to Chris Jericho over a year earlier, the one that
crowned The DemoGod as the first AEW World Champion.
Unfortunately for the former Elite member, Page had to fight
his former championship partner Kenny Omega in that final
bout, and suffered a soul crushing defeat at The Cleaner's

That sad display in the video above, that looks like a man
who may have, finally, found his rock bottom, but instead of
climbing out, instead decided to swim in the self-loathing
waters he found there. And of course he is doing it
surrounded by The Dark Order, who, in their own
dysfunctional way, helped Silver from going into his own
little pit of despair moments earlier.

Page may also shown The Dark Order that he is ripe for the
picking, after all, who could be more susceptible to their
offerings than a man like Hangman who has driven away every
friend he had, lost every opportunity he had to prove he's
capable of standing on his own, and is swimming in a whiskey
stupor more often than not?

Adam Page's ledge keeps crumbling away under his feet, it
can only get so small before there's nothing left to stand
on, and losing to John Silver on DYNAMITE this week might
just be what it takes to turn the remnants to dust. Perhaps
The Dark Order will be there with a net to catch him when he
falls? Or maybe, finally, something will click within Page
if he wins, maybe he will have his moment of clarity, and
start climbing up out of this personal hell instead of
descending deeper down the spiral...

Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to the
light - Milton Paradise Lost

THE POWERHOUSE COMPETES... One week ago, to the utter disappointment and disgust of
both fans and colleagues, Will Hobbs made the choice to
align himself with Team Taz. After weeks of Taz extending
the offer for Hobbs to side with Brian Cage and Ricky
Starks, and Will seemingly rebuking the offer at numerous
instances, the powerhouse declared his ultimate intention
with a crack of the FTW Title across the skull of Cody
It was certainly adding insult to injury as Cody and Darby
Allin had just fallen to the Cage and Starks combination in
a heated tag team battle, most definitely an unexpected
twist of fate for the current and former TNT Champions. Up
until that point, Hobbs had seemed willing to grind it out
and work for his successes in All Elite Wrestling. Through
many a bout on AEW DARK, including a loss in one of the
shortest matches in AEW history, Hobbs demonstrated his
willingness to improve, to fight on, and do whatever it took
to make an impression.

His power, mobility, and presence raised eyebrows, but it
was Hobbs' participation in the 2020 Casino Battle Royale at
ALL OUT 2020 that really made people stand up and take
notice. He only scored one elimination, that of The Blade,
but hung in for 20 minutes before Lance Archer dumped Hobbs
and Brian Cage simultaneously.

That night must have also marked a turning point internally
for Will Hobbs because he has been on a tear ever since,
winning six of his last seven singles matches, with the lone
blemish being to Brian Cage in an FTW Title match. He stood
up alongside Jon Moxley in opposition to Team Taz and Lance
Archer, he seemed to align with Cody and Darby to fend off
those same forces as well, but based off his actions last
week, it was all a ruse.

But at what point did Hobbs make his choice? If one were to
go back and watch the tape, Hobbs has not actually made
physical contact with either member of Team Taz. He never
exactly made a direct statement declining the offer, much
more a case of letting his actions speak than ever uttering
the word NO to The Human Suplex Machine and his crew. What
made this seemingly honorable man choose the orange-and-
black colors of FTW? Perhaps we will all find out on
DYNAMITE when Will Hobbs competes in his first match as an
official members of Team Taz!

DYNAMITE, December 2nd, Winter Is Coming and Kenny Omega
is set to receive the AEW World Title match he earned when
he defeated former partner Adam Page in the finals of the
World Title Eliminator Tournament at FULL GEAR 2020.

The stage was set last week for the two men to meet in the
ring in order to sit down and sign on the dotted line. The
match was supposed to be made official last Wednesday night,
but as seen in the video above, that is not what happened.
Due to an attack perpetrated by an unknown assailant, only
Kenny Omega was present to put his John Hancock on the
contract, while Moxley (who had just told the world he and
his wife are expecting child) was left in need of medical
attention somewhere backstage.

So who did it? Who felt it necessary to incapacitate the
World Champion just moments prior to the contract signing?
Kenny Omega, despite being the next man in line for a title
shot, seems a highly unlikely suspect given his general
method of conducting business as well as the simple fact he
was getting ready to make his entrance in the moments the
attack likely took place.

Eddie Kingston vociferously denied any involvement in the
attack, stating he would have come at Moxley face-to-face,
and although he may bring Butcher and Blade with him in this
hypothetical moment, Kingston has proven true to his own
twisted sense of honor.

That leaves a whole mess of other individuals on the AEW
roster who would be willing to waylay the champion for
assorted reasons, there's probably even individuals not on
the roster who would love that opportunity if they could
take it, especially if it meant they could force a challenge
for the title.

Look at Lance Archer, Brian Cage, and MJF; three men all had
their World Title aspirations stopped by Mox and two of them
sit in the top five rankings hoping for another opportunity.
Ricky Starks is at the number five and has stated himself
that wants to move up in the world, what better way than by
taking down the champ in an attempt to force Mox into a
fight. Shawn Spears always wants a bigger spotlight, perhaps
Dark Order or Inner Circle members looking for a higher
profile, when the most important prize in all of
professional wrestling is wrapped up in the discussion,
anything is possible. Hopefully this week on DYNAMITE, we
all get some answers!

On the eve of Thanksgiving, All Elite Wrestling gives its
own thanks to the wonderful fans worldwide by presenting
another thrilling edition of DYNAMITE! Coming to you at 8pm
EST/7pm CST on TNT, or on for the International
audiences, join us as we prepare for Winter with the most
exciting professional wrestling action on the planet!

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