ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite November 10 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 11/25/121 by Colin Vassallo

Show Report --

CM Punk made his entrance for the opener, but MJF
interrupted it. He walked to the ring, mic in hand, and
started to speak, but was drowned out by chants. MJF said
Punk ignored his handshake request last week like a "little
b*tch." He said that Punk's famous "pipe bomb" promo was his
best moment, but every moment is MJF's best moment. MJF said
that Punk looks like a meth addict and called him ugly.

When Punk was asked all the young talents he wanted to
wrestle in AEW, he'd mention seemingly everyone -- except
MJF. That's because he doesn't want any of MJF. MJF said
he'd finish Punk quicker than his UFC career. Punk can drop
pipe bombs all he wants, because he's MJF, and he drops

Punk said he was disappointed in MJF. He thought this whole
time, MJF stood for "my jealous fan." Punk didn't bring up
MJF in interviews because he didn't want to feed into his
ego. He's in MJF's head, probably because he's got a poster
of Punk on the wall. Last week, he shut MJF up without
saying a word. MJF thinks he's revolutionary, but in
reality, he's "just a less famous Miz." Ouch.

MJF started to speak again, but was interrupted by "Miz"
chants. He said that Punk is just nostalgia, and that he's
been kissing ass since he came to AEW. MJF accused Punk of
getting soft, saying he may as well come out here and preach
"hustle, loyalty, and respect." He said that Punk wouldn't
come back because he was terrified. Deep down, Punk knows
he's only ever been second-best, no matter whether it was
Cena or Triple H. "I'm better than you, and you know it."

Punk said he's been doing this a long time. He sold out
Madison Square Garden when MJF was marking out for Rosie
O'Donnell. MJF will make the New York Times again, but
"it'll be for the obituaries" this time. Punk said it pisses
MJF off that he went after Darby Allin over him. MJF is too
worried about the Four Pillars without realizing he's been
replaced by Britt Baker. Punk's fine with being no. 2,
because Chicago's the Second City. MJF will only ever be #1
if we wait around long enough for Tony Khan to have a
daughter for him to marry. He's gonna punch MJF in his
"needle d*ck" right now.

MJF removed his jacket and scarf and teased a fight, but
rolled up the ramp.

CM Punk defeated QT Marshall (w/ Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo)

Punk easily out-wrestled Marshall early on, including not
falling for a distraction. Comoroto and Solo were sent to
the back. Marshall got control after driving Punk's
midsection into the corner, but Punk very quickly made a
comeback and clotheslined Marshall to the floor, where he
landed a diving clothesline ahead of a commercial.

Once back, Marshall hit a Liger Bomb for two. He taunted
Punk, who came back with a high kick. Punk landed the top-
rope elbow drop and called for the GTS, nailing it for the


Christian Cage and Jurassic Express were backstage.
Christian said they have all the momentum in the world, and
their confidence is sky-high. Jurassic Express are the top-
ranked tag team in AEW, and Christian's going to make sure
they win the championships.


Eddie Kingston was eating backstage and shouted out Jon
Moxley. He was interrupted by Daniel Garcia and 2point0.
They said that Kingston isn't hungry anymore and offered
their help, because "you couldn't help your friend Moxley."
Kingston exploded and a dozen people had to hold him back.


The Gunn Club (Billy Gunn & Colten Gunn) (w/ Austin Gunn)
vs. Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson)

Gunn Club attacked before the bell, but Bear Country took
control with Boulder hitting a big press slam. The fight
moved to the outside, where Gunn Club sent Bear Country into
barricades and stairs. Colten hit the Colt .45 out of
nowhere for the win.

After the match, Darby Allin's music played and Sting came
out. Austin charged up the ramp at Sting but was cut off
with a huge tackle from Allin. Allin and Sting chased off
the Gunn Club and stood tall.


AEW Battle of the Belts was announced for Saturday, January
8 2022 in Charlotte.


Adam Cole and Bobby Fish were backstage. Cole's heated. He
said he and Fish were like "best friends," and then the real
Best Friends walked up. Cole ran down the team one by one
and offered up a match between him and Fish and Cassidy and


Team Taz and Lio Rush & Dante Martin were about to sign a
deal, but Taz got impatient and Rush tried to end it. Dante,
however, stopped Rush and signed the deal. Team Taz


Britt Baker said that Hayter would win the match and the

TBS Championship Tournament: Thunder Rosa defeated Jamie

They had a long collar-and-elbow tie-up to start. Hayter
sent Rosa to the floor but was thrown into the barricade.
Upon re-entry, Hayter cut Rosa off with stomps. Rosa came
back with strikes and sent Hayter into the barricade once
more before landing a running dropkick and a suplex on the
floor. She went for a crossbody, but Hayter caught it and
sent Rosa into the ring post ahead of a break.

Upon return, Rosa countered a superplex attempt and landed a
missile dropkick for two. Hayter hit a big backbreaker for a
two-count of her own. They traded forearms in the center of
the ring until Rosa escaped a suplex and hit a Russian leg
sweep. Rosa locked on the Peruvian Necktie, but Rebel
distracted the official and Baker broke up the hold.

Rosa avoided a Baker superkick, who inadvertently hit
Hayter. Rosa then dispatched Rebel and rolled Hayter up for
the win. Rosa will face Jade Cargill in the semifinals of
the tournament.


Chris Jericho was asked backstage about what's next. 2point0
and Garcia interrupted all happy about throwing coffee in
Kingston's face. Jericho advised them to cool it and made
fun of one of 2point0's heads, leading to a "square head"
chant. He said if they ever interrupted again, he'd knock
their teeth down their throat.


Britt Baker, Rebel, and Tony Schiavone were having
Friendsgiving backstage. Baker said that it started off
poorly because Thunder Rosa won, but it's okay, because
she's still champion. Schiavone went to the video screen,
reminding that Riho was never eliminated from the Casino
Battle Royale at All Out. If Riho beats Baker on Friday, she
earns a title shot.


Bryan Danielson defeated Colt Cabana

They had a really nice technical exchange to open things up.
Danielson laid in some hard strikes. Cabana came back with
chops, jabs, and the bionic elbow. He wanted the Flying
Apple, but Danielson reversed it into a release German
suplex and followed it up with the corner dropkick.
Danielson wanted a top-rope back suplex, but Cabana fought
off and landed a moonsault for two.

Danielson came back and laid in his repeated curb stomps. He
rolled over into the LeBell Lock, posed, and locked it on
for the submission. Looked like he knocked out Cabana's
tooth in the process.

After a commercial break, Danielson was interviewed by
Schiavone in the ring. Danielson pointed out that when he
debuted at All Out, he got a much different reaction. He
called the fans "fickle." He didn't just kick Cabana's head
in, he kicked his teeth out. Danielson offered to kick any
of the Dark Order's heads in. He turned his attention to
Hangman Page, and right on cue, Page's music played and he
walked out.

Page said Cabana would be the last one to get his head
kicked in. He offered to defend the AEW World Championship
"right here, right now," but Danielson accused Page of being
cowardly by picking a fight after he already wrestled. Page
still wanted a fight and offered Danielson the first shot.
Danielson slapped him and they brawled. Page went for the
Buckshot Lariat, but Danielson escaped up the ramp.


A hype video aired for Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander.

AEW Rampage (11/26) lineup:

Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia
Britt Baker vs. Riho
Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs. Orange Cassidy & Wheeler YUTA
AEW Dynamite (12/1) lineup:

TBS Championship Tournament: Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander

Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo, & FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash
Wheeler) (w/ Tully Blanchard) defeated Cody Rhodes & Death
Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero M & Rey Fnix) (w/ Arn

This was an awesome main event. Just ridiculously fun.

Cody received a massively negative reaction, and he and Dax
started off. He hit the drop-down right hand and then a
powerslam before tossing his weight belt into the audience.
The audience threw it back. PAC tagged in and he and Dax
traded strikes. A back suplex allowed Dax to tag in Cash.
PAC regained control and he set Penta up for the diving
stomp to the posterior for two.

Penta landed a thrust kick but was flattened with a lariat
before Andrade tagged in. Penta escaped to Fnix, who hit a
flurry of offense. Death Triangle hit triple buzzsaw kicks
and dropkicks on Andrade for two. Cody tagged himself in and
was immediately overwhelmed by the heels, who got a big
babyface reaction for their actions.

Fnix tagged back in and hit his springboard double cutter.
He hit an escalera into a hurricanrana on Andrade and then a
flurry of kicks on Black. Tully distracted Fnix, allowing
Black to take him down with an STO ahead of the commercial.
Once back, Fnix reached Penta for the hot tag, who came in
with a diving crossbody. He hit a double DDT on FTR and a
backstabber on Andrade for two.

PAC tagged in and landed a missile dropkick follwed by a
Fosbury Flop onto the pile on the outside. Wheeler cut off
PAC's flurry with a backbreaker, leading to a parade of big
moves. Cody went for a thrust kick on Andrade, but Cody
inadvertently kicked PAC. Everyone was down until Tully and
Arn faced off in the ring. Classic Thanksgiving wrestling.

Andrade's associate Jos entered the ring, and Tully and Arn
both struck him down. FTR cornered Arn, but Fnix took them
out with a crossbody and Penta hit Sling Blades. Penta hit a
tope con giro and Fnix landed a top-rope crossbody to the
outside. Black blinded PAC with the mist and Andrade hit the
hammerlock DDT for the win.

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