ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite December 2 results (Wrestleview)

Posted on 12/03/120 by Bob Magee

AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming Results
December 2, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Dailys Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Winter has arrived as this special episode of Dynamite opens
with a special Winter Is Coming intro package. A ton of
guys are surrounding the ring.

As the match begins a picture-in-picture promo from MJF
talking about the ring. He says if Wardlow or Sammy wins it
will be their ring.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal
Shawn Spears vs. Joey Janela vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Matt Hardy
vs. Isiah Kassidy vs. Wardlow vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Miro vs.
Matt Sydal vs. Marq Quen vs. Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver
vs. Alex Reynolds vs. Luther vs. Serpentico vs. Adam Page
vs. Jungle Boy vs. MJF vs. Kip Sabian vs. Lee Johnson

Matt Hardy eliminates Kassidy and Dark Order eliminates
Serpentico with Adam Page. Page then eliminates Luther.
Spears tosses Sydal over the top onto the ramp to eliminate
him and Sky tosses Spears out as Tully Blanchard looks on.
Blanchard hands Spears something and Spears puts his glove
on and decks Sky with it. Wardlow tosses Sky out to
eliminate him directly after.

Silver and Reynolds eliminate each other. Matt tosses Page
out but Dark Order catches him and tosses him back in. Page
hits Quen with the Buckshot Lariat but Hardy catches Page
from behind and eliminates him. Sabian is eliminated by OC
but then Sabian drags OC out and throws him into the
guardrail. Miro then grabs him and tosses OC all around
ringside. Miro goes off in the ring with suplexes and kicks
for everybody. The Inner Circle guys are just watching.

Miro eliminates Lee Johnson and then tosses Hardy over the
top but Matt hangs on. Miro tries to eliminate Quen but Matt
catches him and they go for Silly String only for Miro to
toss Quen to the floor and then Hardy. Miro tosses Janela
out and then all of Inner Circle jump on Miro. Miro tosses
Sammy and MJF aside and gets in Wardlows face.

Miro and Wardlow exchange strikes until MJF and Sammy grab
Miro and hold him down as Miro punches him. Miro breaks free
but eats a clothesline from Wardlow. Inner Circle toss MIro
out to eliminate him. Jungle Boy goes nuts with some crazy

Jungle Boy and Sammy have a cool sequen on the apron that
ends with Jungle Boy backdropping Samy over the corner only
for Sammy to land on the other side of the apron. Sammy and
Jungle Boy exchange punches on the turnbuckles but MJF
tosses them out to eliminate them.

Wardlow realizes OC is laid out on the floor but hasnt been
eliminated so he drags him in the ring. OC shoves Wardlow
into MJF but Wardlow manages to save MJF from being
eliminated. They argue which allows OC to hit both of them
with Superman Punches. OC tosses Wardlow out and it comes
down to just MJF and OC next week!

Winners: OC and MJF


Frankie Kazarian (5-4) vs. The Demo God Chris Jericho (5-
4) w/Jake Hager & Santana

This is the first time Jericho and Kazarian have faced off
in a singles match before. Jericho and Kaz lock up and
Kazarian immediately gets him in a side headlock. Kaz drop
toe holds Jericho into the ropes and then slingshots into
the ring with a side roll for a nearfall. Kaz goes right
back into the side headlock.

Jericho shoves Kaz into the ropes and they run into each
other and Jericho pokes him in the eyes. Jericho hits a
dropkick sending Kazarian to the floor. Kaz sweeps Jerichos
legs and lays him out on the apron before hitting a
Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop. Hager tries to get involved
but eats a right hand from Kaz. The distraction allows
Jericho to catch Kaz with a Codebreaker as he tried to get
back in the ring. Jericho suplxes Kaz onto the top rope and
then dumps him to the floor.


Jericho hits a Vertical Suplex and then goes for a
clothesline but Kaz counters with a Backslide for a
nearfall. Kazarian hits a series of clotheslines and a
Flying Forearm HBK style. Kazarian goes for a dropkick but
Jericho stops and then goes for the Lionsault only to land
on Kazs knees. Kaz hits a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop
for a nearfall.

Kaz lifts Jericho up to the top rope and climbs up for and
hits the Flux Capacitor! I havent seen Kaz break that out
in years! 12NO Jericho kicks out! Kazarian goes for an
Unprettier but Jericho shoves him into the corner and
attempts another Codebreaker. Kaz blocks it and puts Jericho
in a Walls of Jericho! Santana threatens to hit Kaz but he
refuses to break the hold. MJF and Wardlow run out and MJF
looks like he is going to throw in the towel but Sammy
Guevara snatches it away as Jericho reaches the ropes.

Jericho sees Sammy with the towel and thinks he is going to
throw it. Kaz rolls Jericho up for a pair of nearfalls. Kaz
hits a series of kicks but then walks right into the Judas
Effect for the pin!

Winner: Jericho via pinfall (Judas Effect)

MJF and Sammy get into it after the match which pisses
Jericho off and says he is tired of this shit. Jericho says
that next week they will all decide to work together as a
team or they break up forever.

Backstage The Young Bucks announce that they are facing The
Hybrid 2 and if they win they will give them a shot at the
titles. The Acclaimed walk up and announce their arrival in
AEW and Max busts out a freestyle dumping on the Bucks. Matt
laughs and talks about him stealing Cenas gimmick. The
Hybrid 2 attack the Bucks and throw them into a dumpster.
SCU chase them off with a chair.

Dr. Britt Baker (6-6) w/Rebel vs. Legit Leyla Hirsch (1-2)

Hirsch immediately grabs Bakers arm and puts in a Fujiwara
Armbar but Baker manages to get to the ropes. Hirsch takes
Baker down and shows off her amateur skills spinning all
around Baker. Hirsch hits a Side Headlock Takeover but Baker
counters with a Headscissors only for Hirsch to flip back
over into the headlock.

Baker shows off her chain wrestling but Hirsch counters her
into a Cross Armbreaker. Baker manages to break the hold by
literally grabbing Hirschs teeth. Baker hits a Superkick
and then a DDT.


Baker hits a Suplex and taunts Hirsch until Hirsch connects
with a series of forearms followed by a German Suplex. Baker
rolls to the floor and pulls Reba into a Tope Suicida from
Hirsch. Baker hits the Sling Blade on the floor and then
stomps her into the ring apron. Baker drags Hirsch back in
the ring and goes for a Suplex but Hirsch counters into a
Bicycle Knee followed by the Cross Armbreaker!

Baker fights the hold and counters into the Lockjaw! Hirsch
rolls over right back into the Cross Armbreaker but Baker
breaks the hold. She goes for a Superkick but Hirsch blocks
it and hits another Pump Knee! Hirsch goes to the top but
Rebel gets on the apron to distract her. Baker pulls her
down into an STO into the turnbuckles. Baker hits a Spinning
Neckbreaker followed by the Lockjaw for the win.

Winner: Baker via submission (Lockjaw)

Thunder Rosa hits the ring and attacks Baker. Referees
separate them and then Reba attacks Rosa which results in
Hirsch Suplexing Reba out of her boots. Rosa and Baker fight
again until a bunch of producers come out and separate them

A video package recaps the drama between Team Taz and Cody.

Darby Allin (14-5) & American Nightmare Cody Rhodes (20-3-
1) w/Arn Anderson vs. Team Taz (Ricky Starks (15-2) & Will
Hobbs(7-6)) w/Taz

Hobbs and Starks hit the ring and all four men brawl.


Cody and Allin double team Starks in their corner. Cody hits
a Delayed Vertical Suplex and then beats on Starks in the
corner. Allin tags in and eats a lariat from Hobbs as Starks
baited him into chasing him around ringside. Hobbs tosses
Starks into the guardrail and then tags into the match.
Hobbs hits a Delayed Suplex of his own and then taunts Cody
with pushups.

Starks tags back in and Team Taz lift Starks up into the air
and slam him with a sort of Press Slam for a nearfall. Hobbs
and Starks are utilizing quick tags as they brutalize Allin
in their corner. Hobbs hits a Backbreaker before tagging
Starks back in. Starks and Allin run head first into each
other and both men are down.

Hobbs stops Allin from tagging out and tags in himself
before dead lifting Allin up in the air for a German Suplex.
Allin counters it only for Hobbs to stop him and put him in
a Bear Hug and toss him all around the ring like a ragdoll.
Allin manages to catch Hobbs with a Sunset Flip attempt but
Hobbs blocks it and then tosses him across the ring by his

Allin finally manages to get away and make the hot tag. Cody
hits a Snap Powerslam on Starks and then hits a Disaster
Kick on Hobbs. Cody goes for the CrossRhodes but Starks
blocks it. Cody hits the Cody Cutter and Allin tags himself
in. Cody hits a Plancha onto Hobbs on the floor and Allin
hits the Coffin Drop on Starks for the pin.

Winners: Allin & Cody via pinfall (Coffin Drop)

Hobbs attacks Allin after the match and Arn Anderson attacks
Hobbs from behind. Hobbs and Starks beat Arn down which
brings Dustin Rhodes out. Brian Cage runs out and Team Taz
beat down the Nightmare Family. Taz hands the FTW Title to
Hobbs and he goes to hit Cody until the lights go out. A
video plays with a bunch of ice and ominous music and when
TEAM TAZ FREAK OUT AND BAIL! A bunch of snow is falling down
on Sting as he enters.Sting comes face to face with Arn and then looks down at
Dustin before kneeling down before Cody. He then turns to
Darby and gets in his face as Darbys lip is literally


Tony Schiavone reveals that AEW owner Tony Khan has revealed
to him that Sting has signed a multi-year deal with AEW.

Alex Marvez interviews Hikaru Shida backstage and says she
is not afraid of Abadon and says that she is just a girl
doing zombie cosplay. A sound startles Shida and she asks to
redo it but Marvez tells her that they are live.

Jon Moxley says that the whole world wanted to write him off
a few years ago but he bitch slapped the entire wrestling
world. He says that he and Omega have been destined to be
foes their entire careers. He says the stakes couldnt be
higher tonight and there is only one thing left to do and
that is to go out and make everyone go bananas.


AEW World Heavyweight Championship
The Death Rider Jon Moxley (21-0) (c) vs. The Cleaner
Kenny Omega (7-0)

Don Callis of Impact Wrestling has joined commentary for
this match. He and Omega are close friends. Omega and Moxley
lockup and Moxley immediately goes for a Rear Naked Choke
but Omega gets to the ropes. They chain wrestle for a few
minutes with neither man being able to take control. Moxley
runs over Omega and then takes him down with a Side Headlock

Omega fights out and lights Moxley up with chops and right
hands. Moxley shrugs him off and gets in Omegas face and
hits some chops and slaps of his own. Moxley hits a Running
Clothesline but Omega catches him with a Hurricanrana as he
went for another one. Moxley rolls to the floor and Omega
goes for a Tope Suicida only for Mox to slide in and catch
him with a Black Hole Slam.

Moxley clotheslines Omega to the floor and then tries to
toss him into the guardrail but Omega reverses it. Omega
tries to whip Mox into the barricade but Omega blocks it and
then goes for a Moonsault off the barricade but Moxley moves
and as Kenny lands he eats a German Suplex on the floor from
Moxley. Moxley tosses Omega into the barricade repeatedly
and then rolls back in the ring to break the referees 10-


Omega hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick to Moxleys knee
which was injured during the break followed by a Leg
Lariat for a nearfall. Omega hangs Moxleys knee up in the
ropes and dropkicks it again. Omega charges at Moxley but
runs right into a nasty Lariat from the champ. Moxley
reaches down to pick Omega up but Omega rolls him up and
locks in a Kneebar.

Moxley reaches the ropes to break the hold but Omega keeps
the pressure on with a number of chops and then goes for a
Firemans Carry, but Moxley blocks it and hits a German
Suplex. Moxley hits another German Suplex and goes for a
third but Omega hits a series of elbows. Moxley headbutts
Omega and follows up with a Pump Handle Exploder Suplex for
a nearfall. Moxley hits a Release Vertical Suplex for
another nearfall but Moxley immediately grabs his knee.


During the break they exchanged strikes and Moxley put Omega
in an STF and then a Crossface. Omega sidesteps a charging
Moxley and sends him to the floor. Omega hits a gorgeous
Somersault Plancha over the top onto Moxley on the floor.
Back in the ring, Omega goes for a springboard move but
lands right into a Paradigm Shift in midair! Moxley
hesitates before pinning Omega, though, and goes to the
floor and pulls out some chairs.

Moxley sets up the chairs in the ring and sits down in one.
He dares Omega to sit in the other and begs him to hit him.
They start slapping the absolute piss out of each other and
then start jabbing each other in the face. Moxley hits a big
right hand but then eats a V-Trigger from Omega! Omega hits
the Snap Dragon followed by a second one and then he goes
for another V-Trigger only for Moxley to sidestep it and hit
a Snap German!

Omega comes back with another V-Trigger but then eats a King
Kong Lariat from Moxley as he bounced off the ropes! Moxley
hits the Paradigm Shift again! 12NO Omega kicks out
literally at the last split second! Omega manages to roll to
the floor to get away from Moxley. Moxley goes for a Tope
Suicida of his own but eats a V-Trigger in midair!

Omega rolls Moxley into the ring and then dives off the top
with a Missile Dropkick followed by a V-Trigger into the
turnbuckles and then a Tiger Driver 98! 12NO Moxley kicks
out! Moxley hits a series of knees but Moxley catches a V-
Trigger attempt and hits a Forearm Smash. Moxley hits the
ropes but eats another V-Trigger. Omega goes for One Winged
Angel but Moxley escapes into a Paradigm Shift. Omega blocks
it and Moxley goes for the Bulldog Choke but Omega shoves
him into the ropes and hits a dropkick.

Omega hits a Ripcord V-Trigger and then lifts him up for the
One Winged Angel. Moxley elbows Omega to break it but as he
hit the mat Omega catches him with a Wheelbarrow Suplex for
another nearfall. Omega goes to the top but Moxley shoves
Omega to the floor. Moxley Paradigm Shifts Omega into a
portable heater that sitting at ringside for the fans.

The doctor runs out to check on Omega which pisses off
Moxley. A bunch of referees and Don Callis all come down to
check on Omega. Moxley shoves all the referees away and
drags Omega back in the ring. Moxley starts punching Omega
in the face over and over as Callis screams that hes hurt.
Moxley shoves Callis and Omega picks up the microphone that
Callis had. Omega hits Moxley with it and hes busted open.

Omega pulls his knee pad down and nails Moxley with three
straight V-Triggers! Omega hits a fourth one into the
turnbuckles. Omega lifts Moxley up and drops him with the
One Winged Angel! 123! NEW CHAMP!

Winner & NEW World Champ: Omega via pinfall (One Winged

Callis and Omega briefly celebrate but then take off to the
back and go to a car. Alex Marvez runs up to them and ask
them what the hell just happened. Callis says they will
explain everything next Tuesday on Impact Wrestling on AXS

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