ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite August 12 results (Wrestleview)

Posted on 8/13/120 by Bob Magee

AEW Dynamite Results Tag Team Appreciation Night
August 12, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Dailys Place)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Tag Team Appreciation Night opens up with some tag team
action. As the Young Bucks make their entrance members of
the Dark Order attack them.

The Young Bucks (5-2) vs. The Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil
Uno) (8-1)

The Dark Order immediately isolates Nick Jackson in the ring
and then they toss him to the floor where the other members
of the Dark Order swarm Nick. Uno was distracting the
referee. Matt dives off the stage onto the Dark Order B-
siders but Grayson takes him out with a Tope Suicida.

Back in the ring, Uno and Grayson double team Nick for
several more minutes. Uno whips Grayson into Nick but he
gets his boot up and then flips out of a suplex attempt and
tags Matt. Matt hits a Flying Cross Body off the top onto
them followed by a Flying Double Clothesline.

The Bucks show off their double team spots and hit a nice
Rolling Neckbreaker/Backbreaker combo on Uno. Nick hits a
beautiful Flying Lucha Armdrag. Matt counters a Grayson
Uranage into an Armdrag of his own but then eats a Suplex
from Uno after he blind tagged Grayson.

Uno hits a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Uno hits a Neckbreaker
and tags his partner back inot the match. Grayson hits a
Slingshot Somersault Senton onto Matt on the apron before
choking him in the ropes. Grayson throws Matt into Unos
boot. Grayson taunts Matt before dropkicking him to the
floor. On the outside, Uno slams Matt into the ring apron
and then tosses him back to Grayson for a nearfall.

Uno tags Grayson and then rakes Matts eyes as he tried to
fight back. Matt fights his way out of the heel corner but
Grayson manages to trip him and drag him to the outside.
Matt tosses Grayson into the ring post but is then
surrounded by the other Dark Order guys. Matt climbs under
the ring and then pops out on the other side. He tries to
tag Nick but eats a Neckbreaker from Uno.

Uno whips Matt into the heel corner but Matt explodes out of
it with a Spear. Grayson tags in and shoves Matt into a Big
Boot from Uno. They go for a double team move but Matt
counters with a Reverse Rana before tagging Nick.

Nick hits a Flying Knee on Uno and then a Lariat/Bulldog
combo on both of them. Nick hits a Slingshot X-Factor on Uno
and then rolls back into a Moonsault on the outside on
Grayson. Grayson catches Nick and tries to throw him into
the crowd but Nick shoves him over the guardrail. Grayson
dives over the barricade right into a Superkick.

The Bucks double Uno in the ring and hit the Risky Business
for a nearfall. Nick hangs Uno up in the ropes and hits a
Springboard Guillotine Swanton for a nearfall. Matt tags in
and the Bucks go for a Superkick Party but Grayson pulls Uno
to safety and then springs off Unos shoulders into a Rana
on Matt! Grayson hits a Knee Strike and then Suplexes Nick
into Matt in the corner!

Grayson hits a 450 Splash on Nick and Uno hits a Cannonball
on Matt in the corner for a nearfall. Uno tags in and the
Dark Order hit the Brainbuster/Enziguri for a nearfall but
Matt breaks it up. Grayson drags Matt onto the stage and
throws him down the tunnel and tells the other Dark Order
guys to block the tunnel.

Uno lifts up for the Fatality but Nick counters into a
rollup for the pin!

Winner: Young Bucks via pinfall (rollup)

Backstage, MJF is shown mistreating his campaign workers.

Adam Page and Kenny Omega are asked who the best team in AEW
is other than them. Omega quickly answers the Young Bucks
but Page looks annoyed.

MJF comes out for his address.


MJF yells at his assistant Nina and tells her to present the
polling numbers that show MJF up 500% over Moxley. MJF
says he mourns for the belief that AEW fans have in Jon
Moxley because it dies today. He says that Moxley has made
it clear he doesnt care about the fans and if he did he
would be here. MJF says he will always be here and thats a

MJF says he has to admit he is partially responsible for
Moxleys absence because he is afraid of change and afraid
of MJF. He says that Dictator Jon isnt used to dealing
with someone so much more talented than him and he isnt
used to dealing with a wrestler that wont happily look up
at the lights for him. He says he wants to make sure that
Jon feels comfortable enough to show up to work and then
lays down on the mat and asks Moxley if that is better.

MJF asks Moxley if that makes him more comfortable and says
he didnt start this just to have a rivalry with him but
because AEW deserves quality leadership. He says that Moxley
might be a hell of a wrestler but he isnt a leader. He says
he is a rabid dog chasing cars and says he wouldnt even
know what to do with one if he caught it. MJF says that if
Moxley wants to prove him wrong and prove that he does care
about the fans he should just hand the title over to him.

MJF says that AEW deserves better than Moxley. Moxleys
music hit and MJF sends all his security up to wear Moxley
usually enters. Moxley appears backstage and comes down the
tunnel instead and jumps MJF from behind! Moxley slams MJF
into his podium and then hits the Paradigm Shift!

Moxley says that MJF better not think that makes them even.
He says they wont be even until All Out when he teaches MJF
a painful lesson in humility. He says that he is going to
make sure this is a very bitter pill to swallow.

Footage of Sammy Guevaras beat down on Matt Hardy from last
week is shown. Backstage, Matt Hardy shows off his stitches
and it is revealed that he wont be cleared to compete for
10 days. Hardy says that since last Wednesday hes been
seeing red and he will continue to see red until he makes
Sammy bleed. Aug. 22 on Dynamite he is going to kick
Sammys ass. He says he isnt going home tonight either
because Sammy is a ant that needs to be squashed. He started
to break into one of his alter egos. A guy is shown walking
nearby and Matt attacks him thinking it is Sammy but its
just a referee.



TNT Championship
American Nightmare Cody Rhodes (c) (17-1) w/The Nightmare
Family vs. Scorpio Sky (7-1)

Sky has a special entrance with a door in front of the
tunnel that says no admittance. He kicked it open
signifying that he is knocking the door down tonight. This
is Skys first singles title shot in AEW. These two faced
off a number of times in ROH but this is their first time in
the ring together in AEW.

The entire Nightmare Family accompanies Cody to the ring,
while Sky comes out alone. Mike Chioda is the referee for
this match. Taz wonders if the huge entourage accompanying
Cody to the ring is a sign of insecurity. After locking up
Sky and Cody go to a stalemate with some beautiful chain
wrestling. Sky gets the better of Cody causing him to roll
out to the floor in frustration.

Sky holds the ropes open for Cody to climb back in but then
walks away as Cody started to climb back in. Sky and Rhodes
both go for hip tosses and Cody manages to Hip Toss Sky over
the top to the floor. Cody taunts Sky by holding the ropes
open for Sky this time. Sky instead goes to the other side
of the ring and rolls back in. Sky kicks Cody repeatedly but
Cody comes back with a clothesline that sends both men
flying over the top.

Cody and Sky brawl around ringside until they realize they
are going to be counted out and they both roll back in. Sky
hits a series of knees to Codys ribs that were injured last
week. Cody leapfrogs a charging Sky and connects with a Snap
Powerslam for a nearfall.


Cody has Sky in a Bow and Arrow as we come back from break
but Sky reverses it into a body splash for a nearfall. Sky
lifts Cody up to the top rope and hangs up in the ropes in a
Tree-of-Woe. Sky puts the boots to Cody and then pulls him
down and slams him rib-first into the ring post. Back in the
ring, Sky puts Cody in an Abdominal Stretch but Cody manages
to counter with a Hip Toss.

Sky backdrops Cody over the top onto the stage and then hits
a Slingshot Diamond Cutter onto the ramp. Sky rolls Cody
into the ring and gets a nearfall. Sky goes for a
Brainbuster but sells his back as if he injured it on the
last spot. Cody lifts Sky up to the top rope and climbs up
with him. Cody hits a big Superplex but Sky manages to roll
back into a cradle for a nearfall.

Sky goes for the TKO but Cody counters into the Crossrhodes
for a nearfall. Cody cant believe that Sky kicked out. Cody
goes for a Tombstone but Sky reverses it only for Cody to
fight out but walks right into a Flatliner for a nearfall.
Sky goes for the Diamond Cutter but Cody holds on to the
ropes and hits the Crossrhodes for the pin.

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Cody via pinfall (Crossrhodes)

Brodie Lee appears on the screen holding a version of the
TNT Title and he says that next Saturday Cody will put some
respect on his name and he will take his title. Hes holding
the old title and says that he will be so kind as to give
him back the old title.

Private Party says their favorite tag team was the Hardy

AEW World Tag Team Championships
Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c) (11-0) vs. The Jurassic Express
(5-2) w/Marko Stunt

Page shows a little bit of his recent cockiness as he walks
right over to Jurassic Express and puts his title belt in
their faces. Kazarian is shown watching this match in the
crowd. Jungle Boy and Omega start things off. Omega slaps
Jungle Boy after they get tied up in the ropes. Omega slaps
Marko as he tried to get in the ring.

Jungle Boy trips Omega and then cradles him for a nearfall.
Omega goes for a Firemans Carry but Jungle Boy counters
with an Armdrag followed by a Springboard Lucha Armdrag.
Jungle Boy hits a dropkick for another nearfall. Luchasaurus
tags in and connects with a series of kicks. He tosses
Jungle Boy into an Assisted STO for a nearfall.

Lucha and Omega exchange strikes and then Jungle Boy tags in
as Lucha hits a Suplex. Jungle Boy hits a Somersault Senton
off Luchas shoulders for a nearfall. Page blind tags Omega
a she hit the ropes and he connects with a Sliding Lariat
for a nearfall on Jungle Boy. Page counters a leaping Jungle
Boy with a slam and then a suplex for a nearfall.

Page tags Omega and they double team Jungle Boy but he
fights them both off and attempts a Lucha Armdrag but Page
hangs him up in the ropes and connects with a Springboard


Lucha goes for a Powerslam on Page but Omega pulls his
partner off only to eat a series of kicks from Lucha. Lucha
hits a Chokeslam on Page followed by a Standing Moonsault
for a nearfall. Lucha elbows Page but Omega blind tags him
and pulls Page out of the way of a Pump Kick. Omega hits a
V-Trigger followed by a Snap Dragon! Omega hits a second
Snap Dragon and then goes for one on Jungle Boy but he
counters with an Armdrag sending Omega to the floor.

Omega grabs Stunt and hits a Snap Dragon on him! Jungle Boy
attempts a Tope Suicida but Omega catches him in midair and
hits a Snap Dragon! Back in the ring, Omega hits a Fisherman
Buster for a nearfall on Lucha. Page rolls Jungle Boy in the
ring and then tags himself in. The champs sandwich the
challengers in the corenr and then take turns elbowing them.
Page hits a Roaring Elbow on Lucha and then attempts an
Assisted German Suplex but Lucha blocks it.

Jungle Boy goes for a Rana on Omega but he blocks it and
Powerbombs him into a German Suplex from Page! Lucha tosses
Omega over the top and tries to toss Page over but Page
lands on the apron and goes for the Buckshot Lariat. Lucha
blocks it and goes for a Chokeslam but Omega comes in and
blocks it. Lucha Suplexes both of them and then Jungle Boy
hits a Frog Splash on Page. Jungle Boy hits a Tope Suicida
onto Omega on the outside and then a Springboard DDT on Page
in the ring.

Lucha Press Slams Stunt onto Omega on the outside and then
delivers a Fireman Carry Slam on Page for a nearfall. Jungle
Boy tags in and the challengers hit a Spinning
Enziguri/Sliding Lariat combo for another nearfall until
Omega broke it up. Omega tosses Lucha to the floor and then
tosses Jungle Boy on top of Page who Powerbombs him over the
top onto Lucha on the floor! Omega hits a Tope con Giro onto
the challengers on the floor.

Omega rolls Jungle Boy into the ring and Page Powerbombs him
to hell for a nearfall. Page tags Omega and they hit the
Last Call for the pin.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Omega & Page via pinfall (Last

PNP is shown throwing Best Friends bags into a shower and
pouring bleach all over their clothes.


Butcher and Blade pick The Road Warriors as their favorite
tag teams ever.

FTR and the Young Bucks are in the ring with the Rock n
Roll Express and Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Matt
Jackson puts over the RNR Express and says they are the
original Young Bucks and says that they inspired a
generation of tag teams.

Dax says that they are huge marks for Arn and Tully and he
says because of them and RNR they and the Bucks get to make
a living as a tag team. Ricky Morton says that he hasnt
seen anyone have as much chemistry as FTR have since Arn and
Tully. He says that the Bucks brought tag team wrestling
back to the forefront like he and Robert did before. He says
the Bucks are the top tag team in the world.

Arn says he doesnt blow smoke because it leaves a bad taste
in his mouth but what he does is tell the truth. He says
that the Bucks have taken tag team wrestling into a new
stratosphere and Arn puts over the fact that RNR are still
working to this day. He turns to FTR and says that in his
mind they are the best team in the world.

Ricky starts to talk again but Tully snatches it away from
him and tells him not to start something he cant finish.
Tully says that in his mind what makes you the best is
having the gold and as of tonight neither FTR nor the Bucks
are the champions. Tully says they can all pat themselves on
the back and tell everyone how great they are but it doesnt
mean anything. Tully gets in Arns face and sasy that he and
Arn have had something between them since he got into his
guys match back on Labor Day and he points to the Nightmare
Family logo and says he doesnt understand that either. Arn
says he is a grown ass man and doesnt need anyones
permission for anything and walks away.

Shawn Spears walks out and Ricky slaps the hell out of
Tully. As FTR was pulling them apart Dax sells his knee
injury from last week. FTR attack RNR with their knee brace
and hit a Spike Piledriver on Ricky Morton! Page and Omega
run out and FTR retreat.

Backstage Chris Jericho wants Mike Chioda to do the right
thing in his match tonight and reminds him that he once
saved his job.


Hikaru Shida (15-1) vs. Heather Monroe (0-0)

Monroe attacks Shida as she enters the ring but eats a
Flying Knee from Shida. Shida hits a Backbreaker but misses
a Flying Hip Attack. Monroe hangs Shida up in the corner and
hits a stomp for a nearfall. Monroe puts Shida in a Straight
Jacket but Shida fights out and Suplexes her into the

Shida goes for a Falcon Arrow but Monroe counters into a
rollup for a nearfall. Shida puts Monroe in a Brock Lock for
the submission

Winner: Shida via submission (Brock Lock)

Tony Schiavone interviews Shida and says she is still
waiting for a challenger.

Jake Roberts is with Lance Archer backstage where Archer
beats up two random guys. Archer rips off Roberts shirt
revealing Everybody dies written on his back. That was


Main Event
Orange Cassidy (5-4) vs. Le Champion Chris Jericho (3-1)

If Jericho wins this match, OC has to pay $7,000 for the
jacket he ruined. OC attacks Jericho and lays into him with
rights and lefts. OC hits a Superman Punch and then a Flying
Shoulder Block. OC clotheslines Jericho over the top to the
floor and then he hits a Slingshot Plancha. OC whips Jericho
into side of the stage and then into the barricade.

OC climbs to the top rope and dives off with a with a No-
Hands Plancha onto Jericho on the floor. OC rolls Jericho
into the ring and then dives off the top again with a Diving
DDT for a nearfall. OC goes for the Superman Punch again but
eats a boot from Jericho. Jericho hits a Back Suplex and
lights him up with chops. Jericho backdrops OC over the top
rope and hits him with a Springboard Dropkick as OC landed
on the apron.


OC ducks a clothesline and hits a Superkick and then a
Lariat. OC hits a Flying Cross Body off the top for a
nearfall and then a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. OC goes for a
Diving Rana but Jericho pulls out a play from his 1998
playbook and counters into the Walls of Jericho. Jericho
pulls OC back to the center of the ring but OC manages to
roll him up for a nearfall.

Jericho goes for an Enziguri but OC takes out his leg again
and puts him in an Ankle Lock. Jericho kicks OC with his
other foot and then goes for a Suplex but OC counters into a
Stunner. OC attempts a Spinning Headscissors but Jericho
blocks it and hits the Codebreaker for a nearfall.

Jericho grabs his bat but Chioda stops him from using it.
Jericho screams at Chioda to turn around and he does but
then snatches the bat away from him. Jericho gets in
Chiodas face and OC rolls him up! 12NO Jericho kicks out
but walks into a Michinoku Driver for another nearfall. OC
hits a Punt Kick and then hits the Superman Punch!

PNP run out but Best Friends intercept them. As Chioda is
distracted Jake Hager runs out and hits a Spinebuster on OC.
Jericho covers OC but he still kicks out. Jericho and OC
exchange strikes and OC attempts a Waistlock but Jericho low
blows him and attempts the Judas Effect. OC ducks and
attempts a Mouse Trap but botches the hell out of it but
still manages to get the pin.

Winner: OC via pinfall (botched Mouse Trap)

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