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AEW Dynamite Preview for August 12, 2020

This Wednesday night, capping of another thrilling three
days preceded by the WOMEN'S TAG TEAM CUP and AEW DARK on
our official YouTube (Watch Here) channel, DYNAMITE returns
with a brand new LIVE edition of the most exciting
professional wrestling in the world today!

Last week Darby Allin gave it everything he had in an
unsuccessful attempt capture the AEW World Title from Jon
Moxley, Matt Cardona made a victorious debut alongside TNT
Champion Cody in tag team action, The Dark Order scored the
win in an epic twelve man tag, Sammy Guevara left Matt Hardy
a bloody mess, Jericho and OC's debate ended in violence,
and a whole lot more with MJF, PnP, Swole, and Sue's van!

hosted by FTR, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood, with the
refined art of tag team wrestling front and center. The
World Tag Team Titles will be on the line, the Young Bucks
and The Dark Order will meet, and they will honor the
legendary Rock n Roll Express, Arn Anderson, and Tully
Blanchard, for their contributions to the evolution of tag
team wrestling.

***RANKINGS AS OF 8/5***

***Inner Circle & Best Friends banned from ringside***
The DemoGod Chris Jericho vs. Freshly Squeezed Orange
Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho, the self-proclaimed
DemoGod, have been at each other for many weeks now both
inside and outside the ring. Whether at the commentary area,
or with an orange juice bath, or through the debate footage
embedded above, Cassidy has found his own ways to push
Jericho's buttons, and to embarrass the thirty year veteran.

But the one time they competed in the ring one-on-one back
at FYTER FEST 2020 NIGHT 2, it was the former AEW World
Champion who picked up the win via Judas Effect elbow, the
same elbow Orange tasted last week on DYNAMITE. But the
difference this week is that there will be no Jake Hager to
help Jericho so he doesn't have to get his hands dirty.
There won't be a Santana, Ortiz, or Guevara at ringside to
help Jericho win and get that $7,000 (what Jericho's OJ
soaked jacket costs he claims) because the members of The
Inner Circle have been banned from ringside. That being
said, The Best Friends of Chuck Taylor and Trent are also
barred but it's not as if they would be interfering to help
their pal, their presence would serve to rally OC and to
counter the members of The IC. Without one, no need for the

So with no outside distractions or worries of interference,
Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho will lock up in a greatly
anticipated rematch this Wednesday night on DYNAMITE! Can
the Freshly Squeezed One make good on his promise to
embarrass Jericho once more, this time with a loss to the
guy who puts his hands in his pockets? Or will it be the
original AEW World Champion turning the aspirations of
Orange Cassidy to pulp? Either way, each competitor has to
do it on his own, without a friend or ally at ringside, and
prove who is the better man.

The American Nightmare Cody(c) vs. Scorpio Sky
There is fire, and then there is what Scorpio Sky brings to
the table. As fans can see in that video embedded above,
this is a man coming to the ring on Wednesday night with a
chip on his shoulder, and with a great deal to prove to a
locker room, and perhaps an audience, that seems to have
forgotten what Sky brings to the table.

Look at his track record since the inception of All Elite
Wrestling, and you will see one worthy of top contention for
any championship. He was one-half of the first World Tag
Team Champions alongside Frankie Kazarian, he was the first
man in AEW to pin Chris Jericho back in November in a Tag
Team Championship Match. That pinfall earned him a shot at
Jericho's AEW World Title, and although Sky was the loser in
that contest, he demonstrated to the world that he deserved
to be spoken of in that same rarefied air in the singles
ranks as Jericho, Moxley, Omega, or Cody, to name a few.
It's hard to argue, Sky is 7-1 in singles competition, has
essentially made AEW DARK his kingdom, and now he is coming
to take Cody's, specifically that TNT Championship Title.

Having just passed his eightieth day as champion, Cody has
successfully defended his prize seven times against seven
wildly different athletes. Be it the No DQ war with Eddie
Kingston, the surprise debut of Ricky Starks, or the jaws
from the victory of defeat win over Jake Hager, The American
Nightmare has found a way to win no matter what his opponent
brought to the table, and has no intention of ending this
open challenge anytime soon. In fact, Cody's focus on the
TNT Championship has been so laser-like that last week was
the first time since winning the title that he competed in a
match that wasn't a championship situation.

But it's back to the grind this week after that tag team
victory with Matt Cardona, and with a versatile opponent
like Scorpio Sky standing across the ring, there is a good
chance this could be the night Cody's kingdom comes tumbling
down, and Sky beats The American Nightmare for the first
time in their careers.

Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) vs. (#5) Jurassic Express
(Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy w/ Marko Stunt)
Sitting at the number five spot in the tag team rankings,
Jurassic Express will receive their very first opportunity
at the AEW World Tag Team Titles this Wednesday night on
DYNAMITE, and on an evening dubbed TAG TEAM APPRECIATION
NIGHT, this championship contest will certainly have extra
special attention. The eyes of the two legendary tag teams
mentioned at the top of the article will certainly be
watching, as well as those of FTR as they aim for future
shots at the championship. Safe bet to say every tag team
will be watching this bout to see if Hangman Page and Kenny
Omega will make it any deeper into their 200-plus day title
reign that began January 21st on the Jericho Cruise.

Adding another layer to this match-up, as if they
championship wasn't enough, is the actions of Kenny Omega
towards the third member of JurEx, Marko Stunt, several
weeks ago. As seen in the video embedded above, Omega
inexplicably lost it on Stunt after The Elite defeated
Jurassic Express in Trios competition. It was a side of
Kenny that has barely been glimpsed in AEW, something his
Elite compatriots even mention in the most recent BEING THE
ELITE episode (Watch Here), and left quite a foul taste in
the mouths of the Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus.

This is their first shot at revenge on behalf of Marko, and
what would be sweeter than upsetting Page and Omega just
after their landmark 200th day as champs, making their ninth
title defense their last, and doing it on TAG TEAM
APPRECIATION NIGHT as well. It's a longshot for sure, the
odds are certainly in the defending champions favor, but to
paraphrase former NFL Commissioner and Philadelphia Eagles
owner Bert Bell Any Given Wednesday, any team in AEW can
beat any other team...

(#4) The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. (#3) The Dark
Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson)
As seen above, The Elite and FTR were on the losing end of a
devastating defeat to The Dark Order last week, with Hangman
Page the one to eat the deciding fall courtesy of Mr. Brodie
Lee's lariat. With the World Tag Team Champions otherwise
engaged in the aforementioned title defense, The Young Bucks
will meet The Dark Order as part of TAG TEAM APPRECIATION
NIGHT, and this is one that has been stewing for quite some

See despite previous instances involving these two teams,
the brothers Jackson have yet to meet Evil Uno and Stu
Grayson inside the AEW ring, not in a traditional tag team
situation anyway. And while Matt and Nick may have collided
with these foes elsewhere in the past, notably in Pro
Wrestling Guerrilla years ago, those two men were not the
individuals they will be facing Wednesday night. The men
they knew once upon a time have (d)evolved into The Dark
Order, into disciples of the rhetoric of Mr. Brodie Lee, and
have a sadistic streak that runs deep. Grayson, for one,
lives for the fight and would have no problem heading into
this battle all by himself if the situation called for it.
But together, with a great many years of tag team experience
under their collective belt, this Dark Order pairing is one
of the biggest threats to the tag team division, to anyone
holding the championship, and to The Young Bucks this
Wednesday night in particular.

But it's TAG TEAM APPRECIATION NIGHT, and that is something
Matt and Nick Jackson have been synonymous with for the last
fifteen years. As a tag team, they helped change the
landscape of the industry and redefine what tag team
wrestling could be for this, and future, generations of
wrestlers. There are likely no tag teams more decorated over
the last fifteen years than The Young Bucks, with over 30
championship reigns around the globe to their title lineage.

In many ways, as much as it may irk FTR to recognize, Matt
and Nick Jackson ARE tag team wrestling today. And that is
why Wednesday night, on a night to celebrate the art that is
tag team wrestling, The Dark Order needs to defeat their
opponents and defeat them soundly. Collectively they took
one huge step by winning the twelve man a week ago, took a
stumble when Silver and Reynolds dropped the ball, but now
this is the next necessary step if that...cult...wants to
firmly establish the dominance they have tasted on occasion.

One thing that must be acknowledge, even though neither man
is scheduled to compete this Wednesday night, is the assault
perpetrated by MJF on Jon Moxley during the midst of his AEW
World Championship defense against Darby Allin. The number
one ranked contender for the ALL OUT pay-per-view event on
September 5th took the AEW Championship title and cracked
Mox across the skull with it, hoping that would be enough to
cost Jon his title to Darby. Clearly the intent was to
shift the championship onto someone who MJF (wrongly) views
as lesser competition for ALL OUT, but his machinations
failed and Moxley retained.

What will be the fallout from that attack that left Moxley
bleeding? Are there repercussions in the near future for
Mister Salt Of The Earth? Or will he hide away from his
future opponent, tucked away in the office of his MJF 2020
campaign headquarters, Wardlow guarding the door, believing
himself safe and secure? Max, sorry not sorry to inform
you, there isn't anywhere safe from Jon Moxley if he decides
it is your time...

Tune in Wednesday night, 8pm EST/7pm CST, LIVE on TNT to
find out if MJF's time has come, if Scorpio Sky can end the
dominance of The American Nightmare, if Orange Cassidy can
put down the DemoGod, and to see if we will crown new
World Tag Team Champions! All that, and much more, is
waiting for you during TAG TEAM APPRECIATION NIGHT, this
week on DYNAMITE! And make sure you check our our official
YouTube page for the Pre- and Post-Game shows exclusively
available on YouTube!

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