ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW adds more seats to Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Posted on 7/25/121 by Colin Vassallo

With the rumors of Bryan Danielson making his AEW debut on
the September 22 Dynamite in Queens, New York, AEW has
opened more sections for sale in the stadium.

The Arthur Ashe Stadium is now configured to hold almost
19,000 people, with more potential seats being opened up
depending on how tickets sell. AEW has managed to move
nearly 16,500 tickets so far, which is very impressive and
something that WWE has not even managed to do for a Raw or
Smackdown yet since the fans return.

The week before that, AEW will run at the Prudential Center
in New Jersey and over 10,000 seats have been sold for that
show too so September will be a very exciting month for the
promotion, with a sold out All Out pay-per-view earlier in
the month too.

The addition of Bryan Danielson and CM Punk have come at the
right time and as Jim Ross says, business is about to pick

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