ALL ELITE WRESTLING: AEW Deadly Draw womens tournament explained, Ariane Cameron Andrew joins

Posted on 7/30/120 by Colin Vassallo

The AEW Deadly Draw womens tag team tournament will be
airing on the companys YouTube channel starting on Monday
night at 7PM ET.

Details of the tournament were announced yesterday on
Dynamite. The eight teams will be chosen via a random draw
and the selections cannot be changed. The 16 females
participating in the the tournament will each draw a color
and they will partner with whomever they match.

Nyla Rose, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero, made her pick
yesterday during the show and drew the color purple. Dasha
Gonzales informed Rose that someone already drew purple and
it was none other than Ariane Andrew, the former WWE Diva
known as Cameron.

Nyla, lucky for you, Im back! Girl hi!, Andrew told Rose,
who was not impressed herself with her new partner.

Andrew has not been active in professional wrestling ever
since she was let go by WWE in 2016.

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