AJ Styles Talks Changing His Workouts at Age 40, Working WrestleMania

– AJ Styles recently spoke with Mens Health, here are some highlights

On Changing His Workouts at Age 40: Im not maxing out. Heavy weight is not that big of a deal for me anymore. Im not out to get bigger. Im out to maintain what Ive got. Sometimes thats doing a lot more reps, or doing heavy one week and light the next.

On Getting Used to Working WrestleMania: I really dont think you can. Its amazing what we do get used to. But WrestleMania being only once a year, its unbelievable to walk out in front of 100,000 people who just want to see you perform. Its a special moment. Thats why theres so many other guys in this business who maybe should have got out a while back, but its just hard to do when youre walking down the aisle and theres that many people with eyes on you.

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