AJ Styles Says The Club Is Now The O.C., Talks Finn Balor Potentially Joining

– AJ Styles spoke with The Wrap about the Club, how it is now officially called The O.C. and whether Finn Balor will join up. WWE recently filed a trademark for “The O.C.” for the group. Highlights are below:

On The Club being renamed The O.C.: We are the Official, we are the Original, we are the Only Club that matters. We are now and forever The O.C.

On if Finn Balor will join them: I mean, well have to see where he stands. Were not exactly liked right now. Does he want to be not liked? I dont know. I dont know where its going to stand. He will always have an invitation, but who knows if its going to happen.

On his submission skills: Listen, Ive beaten with the Calf Crusher as well, so if you want to throw that in there. I like having more moves to finish people with because its just more ideas to present. Theres a chance you could be beat by [any] one of these. I wish there was more of this going around. I wish that a simple clothesline could be the finish of the match, that way you dont know when the finish is coming at all. But Im very grateful to have more than one and more than two.

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