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FTR Discuss Their Pairing With Tully Blanchard, How They Never Expected To Win The AAA Tag Titles

AEW superstars Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood, better known as FTR, recently appeared on the Casual Conversations with The Classic to discuss a number of different topics, including their thoughts on winning the AAA tag team titles, and how their pairing with Tully Blanchard came to be. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On partnering up with Tully Blanchard in AEW:

Harwood: Yeah, it was pretty easy [to get Tully Blanchard to be our manager]. He was very, very excited. He had never seen any of our work before because when he was out of wrestling for 30 years, he stopped watching wrestling. He hadnt watched it in years so Arn [Anderson] made him sit down with him and watch our matches on Arns iPad so they watched some matches of American Alpha

Wheeler: That was our first day there wasnt it?

Harwood: I think so.

Wheeler: Pretty sure it was.

Harwood: But they watched the matches with American Alpha, they watched some matches of man I cant remember the matches they watched but they watched some and he became a huge fan of ours and you know, I pitched to Tony [Khan], Hey, why dont we have this guy as our manager? Because we came in as quasi babyface at first but I was like, you know, I laid out this whole thing, the Tag Team Appreciation Night and I said, This is when I said, Lets dont turn heel on The Young Bucks. Lets save us touching for later. I said, Let us turn heel on Ricky and Robert and get real sympathy from them but get real heat for us and then that transitions into Tully being our manager, he set up the whole thing and he was completely on board, Tony loved the idea and you know, it gives us a little credibility as a tag team to have one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all-time in our corner.

On winning the AAA tag team titles and wanting to hold multiple tag titles at the same time:

Wheeler: Oh yeah, our goal is to win every tag team title in every company that we ever compete in. It wasnt something like I ever thought might really be possible. I wasnt sure where our careers would take us. Its so hard to predict where youre gonna be. When we were in NXT, I didnt know where we would be five or ten years down the road. I just knew that I wanted to be wrestling and I wanted us to be doing what we loved and you know, its been going great but I never really thought like, Okay, theres gonna be a point in time when were gonna be wrestling for a company that knocks down the forbidden door and you can go do almost anything in the world for any of these major companies that are so historic and yeah, you wrestle there. You can win the AAA Tag Team Titles on Dynamite and then go to Triplemania and defend them or you can show up to New Japan like so many other guys have done out of the blue like Mox was doing. Its just its something we wanted to do. Obviously theres still a lot of things we wanna do and titles we want to win but I wasnt sure if itd ever be something that was realistic.

Harwood: So many fans and so many people equate great tag teams to winning championships and there is some sort of honor in holding a championship because they trust you in it, you know? So, obviously we wanted to win the AAA Tag Team Titles. We didnt know if that would ever happen, it did, we got the opportunity to do that and you know, next on our list is next on our list is AEW. We wanna be the first-ever two-time AEW Tag Team Champions. But also, we wanna be the, you know, continue to be the only team to hold all the titles, aforementioned titles and the IWGP Tag Team Championships too.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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