Adam Cole Sees Major Interpromotional Stable Feud Happening In AEW, Wanting to Wrestle Younger AEW Stars, More

Adam Cole Hopes To Do More NJPW, Talks Indie Wrestling Scene

During his interview with Renee Paquette on the Oral Sessions podcast AEW superstar Adam Cole revealed that he has a desire to once again work for NJPW, adding that the independent wrestling scene is more exciting than it has ever been. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he would like to do more NJPW:

New Japan is something I’d like to do more of. I had done a fair amount of tours, it was almost 10. I got to wrestle at Koruakan Hall and the Tokyo Dome and Sumo Hall and all these really cool venues. I enjoyed my time there and right as I was kind of find my footing there or gain momentum, that was when I left.

Praises independent wrestling as something that is a blast:

The chance to go back there would be really cool. I think back so fondly of my time in ROH. PWG, I had some of the times of my life there. I got my start in CZW, which is where I met Jon. There’s a bunch of really cool things that I would like to do. Independent wrestling is a blast.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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