Adam Cole Says NXT Is Only Focused on Their Product and Not AEW, Thinks Triple H Is an Invaluable Leader

FOX News recently interviewed NXT World champion Adam Cole, who discussed the upcoming live TV debut for NXT on the USA Network later tonight. Below are some highlights and a video of the interview.

Cole on how he would describe NXT to someone who has never watched it: “For someone who has never watched “NXT” before, my best description of what it is, it’s like a rock concert roller coaster ride. I know for a fact people who have gone to events before or not gone to a “NXT” event before, they go and they check it out and go, “This is different. I’ve got to go to another one of these.” The energy not only from inside the ring but the fans is just you can’t put a price on it. I’ve said it before. I think the fans are just as much a part of the show as the wrestlers are. You’re going to see some of the hardest-hitting, some of the most athletic, most exciting pro-wrestling that money can buy. So it’s a blast.”

Cole on the growth of NXT: “NXT has grown so much. You know, before people have called it a developmental brand and now without question, it’s the third brand of WWE. For me, even for the two years that I’ve been here it’s amazing the development of “NXT” the show and seeing how many more and more people are checking it out.”

Adam Cole on NXT going opposite AEW on the same night: “You know, obviously with this event on Wednesday and the other promotion has an event on Wednesday, people are going to make comparisons [and] talk about both shows. But I can tell you this I don’t mean to speak for them, but I have a strong feeling this is how they feel because I know NXT. We’re solely focused on making sure that NXT is the best possible show that we possibly can. And I’m sure those guys feel the exact same way. So in turn, of course, it’s exciting for the wrestling fans. They get to compare. They get to watch both events which is awesome, but they’re focused on making sure their show rules. And I know we’re focused on making our show rule and in turn again just really exciting for everybody.”

Cole on Triple H as a leader for NXT: “Triple H as a leader for “NXT” has been invaluable. The passion that he has, the love that he has for “NXT” is contagious. You know, our entire roster, a big part of the reason that all of us are so passionate about what the brand is, is because of him. He shows up to work every single time in “NXT” just again focused. So ready to make sure that this show is as awesome as it possibly can be….we couldn’t ask for a better leader.”

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