ACH Declares That 8216The Internet Has Killed Wrestling,8217 Says He Won8217t Apologize

As previously reported, ACH went off on another rant over the weekend on his Twitter account and announced that he was quitting pro wrestling. He shared another series of tweets today, where he said he has no plans to apologize and declared, “The internet has killed wrestling!” You can check out the latest tweets and thoughts from ACH below.

“Im actually a really nice guy. The internet has killed wrestling! It gave ppls opinions power or the idea that their opinions actually hold more weight than the next person. Im not a role model. Im not the voice of the voiceless. In fact, Im a pretty damn good human. Im the heart of the heartless, a leader, and more importantly Im just a man who could careless about how i make you feel. To all my supporters.. I see you. S/o to all of you. This shirt is empowering me to make change. Have I voiced my feelings about things openly? You betcha! Do I plan in apologizing? Not at all. Im not crying. Im not whining. Im standing up for my beliefs. Dont like it… unfollow and block. Keep throwing your rocks and stones at me. Its hard to hit me when Im this high up! BEST WRESTLER IN THE WOLRD VIBES, b****es.”

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