AAA Still Has A Hold At Madison Square Garden

As we previously reported, ROH was set to run a show at Madison Square Garden during Wrestlemania weekend in 2019, but a call from a high-ranking WWE official to the venue shut that down. ROH and the Garden had agreed to the date but a deal had not been signed. MSG had been contacting wrestling promotions about holding shows there because WWE, their long-standing partner, had been using the Barclays Center in Brooklyn instead. Sinclair is pursuing legal options and are said to be very upset with the move.

Meanwhile, AAA was also scheduled to run events at the Garden, starting in September. According to PWInsider, AAA still has their two holds on the Garden, including September 16 and a back-up date as AAA wants to also hold a Las Vegas event on September 16. The second date was said to be September 23 but is now later in the fall. AAA is working out details on running the events but are considering pushing back to early 2019 so they don’t waste time, money and effort on a rushed event.

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