A FAN'S PERSPECTIVE: FITE TV Spotlight Episode 1

Posted on 8/08/120 by Oliver Newman

A Fans Perspective FITE TV Spotlight Episode 1
(IWA:MS KOTDM 2020, TalkNShopAMania & GCW Keep In Touch)
Press Release

On the first episode of A Fans Perspective, 3-Time Pro
Wrestling Author - Oliver Newman, casts his eye over a huge
weekend of wrestling on FITE TV, Oliver wanted to give back
to the amazing team at FITE TV with this show (big shout out
to Joel!).

So, in this episode Oliver talks about Iron Demon Shane
Mercer, how TalkNShopAMania isnt the #WORSTPPVEVER and he
focuses his attention on Tony Deppen vs Benjamin Carter from
Game Changer Wrestlings Keep In Touch

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